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Bad JS advice
# window.onerror
Not needed anymore now dev tools are so sophisticated, you can tell the browser to pause on error and then get a full stack trace and a list of all variables in the current scope.
# Don't tell people to do this:
var calc = function calc (a, b) { return a * b; }
Devs should define functions with the function reserved word first, i.e...
function calc (a, b) { return a * b; }
The only time you'd want to assign a function to something is a property to an object.
# micro optimisations
Don't do them if you are making the code harder to read, this is perfectly acceptable...
Speak to mark about this:
# self defining courses
var scareMe = function(){
scareMe = function(){
console.log("Double Boo!");
scareMe(); //==>Boo!
scareMe(); //==>Double Boo!
I'm confused about how this would work within the concept of OO/functional programming, this is essentially a singleton and is considered bad practice.
# Chaining - chaining promotes doing lots of things in one go, this is a potential code smell and developers should be made aware of the dangers of chaining
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