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Personal Mercurial Workflow

Mercurial Workflow

Clone -> Edit -> Commit -> Push -> Update

hg clone        => Clone a remote repo

hg clone project_dir new_changes_dir      => Clone a local repo

hg commit -m "Message"                    => Commit locally changed files.

hg push project_dir                       => Push changes to another repo

hg update                                 => After a pull update local working copy to latest.

Mercurial Advanced

hg tip -vp              => Show last change committed.

hg incoming repo_dir    =>  tell us what changes hg pull would bring in

hg outgoing repo_dir    => tell us what changes hg push would send out

With mecurial you'll end up with a number of directories that represent different pieces of work (similar to branches in git).


project              => Contains a local clone of the master remote repo or is the local master repo

project_bug_11       => Changes required to fix bug_11

project_feature_foo  => Changes required to implement feature foo
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