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(eval-after-load "haskell-mode"
;; Replace the haskell-mode version with this version,
;; this will line up all imports as if they're all qualified
;; eg this
;; import Data.Monoid
;; import Data.Text
;; becomes
;; import Data.Monoid
;; import Data.Text
'(defun haskell-align-imports-fill (padding line)
"Fill an import line using the padding worked out from all statements."
(if (eq (car padding) 6)
(setcar padding (+ 6 10)) )
(mapconcat #'identity
(cl-mapcar (lambda (pad part)
(if (> (length part) 0)
(concat part (make-string (- pad (length part)) ? ))
(make-string pad ? )))
" ")))
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