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Sending and testing email in Go -- appendix
package email
import (
type EmailConfig struct {
Username string
Password string
ServerHost string
ServerPort string
SenderAddr string
type EmailSender interface {
Send(to []string, body []byte) error
func NewEmailSender(conf EmailConfig) EmailSender {
return &emailSender{conf, smtp.SendMail}
type emailSender struct {
conf EmailConfig
send func(string, smtp.Auth, string, []string, []byte) error
func (e *emailSender) Send(to []string, body []byte) error {
addr := e.conf.ServerHost + ":" + e.conf.ServerPort
auth := smtp.PlainAuth("", e.conf.Username, e.conf.Password, e.conf.ServerHost)
return e.send(addr, auth, e.conf.SenderAddr, to, body)
/****** testing ******/
func TestEmail_SendSuccessful(t *testing.T) {
f, r := mockSend(nil)
sender := &emailSender{send: f}
body := "Hello World"
err := sender.Send([]string{""}, []byte(body))
if err != nil {
t.Errorf("unexpected error: %s", err)
if string(r.msg) != body {
t.Errorf("wrong message body.\n\nexpected: %\n got: %s", body, r.msg)
func mockSend(errToReturn error) (func(string, smtp.Auth, string, []string, []byte) error, *emailRecorder) {
r := new(emailRecorder)
return func(addr string, a smtp.Auth, from string, to []string, msg []byte) error {
*r = emailRecorder{addr, a, from, to, msg}
return errToReturn
}, r
type emailRecorder struct {
addr string
auth smtp.Auth
from string
to []string
msg []byte
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