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WSO2 API Manager get all subscriptions available for APIs created by given provider (user)
import requests, base64
configs = {
'credentials': {
'username': 'admin',
'password': 'admin',
'host': 'localhost',
'port': '9443',
'gateway_port': '8243',
'scheme': 'https'
host = configs['host']
port = configs['port']
scheme = configs['scheme']
def get_application(username, password):
print("INFO: Creating new OAuth application(Dynamic Client Registration)")
endpoint = "{}://{}:{}".format(scheme, host, port) + "/client-registration/v0.11/register"
b64string = base64.b64encode("{}:{}".format(username, password).encode())
json_data = {
"callbackUrl": "",
"clientName": "testing_app",
"tokenScope": "Production",
"owner": username,
"grantType": "password refresh_token",
"saasApp": True
headers = {
'Authorization': "Basic {}".format(b64string.decode())
apps_response =, headers=headers, json=json_data, verify=False)
if not apps_response.ok:
return False
app = apps_response.json()
return app
def get_access_token(app, username, password):
print("INFO: Generating access token for newly created/existing OAuth application (Publisher REST API) ")
port = configs['gateway_port'] # Gateway SSL port
endpoint = "{}://{}:{}".format(scheme, host, port) + "/token"
b64string = base64.b64encode("{}:{}".format(app['clientId'], app['clientSecret']).encode())
form_data = {
'grant_type': "password",
"scope": "apim:api_view apim:subscription_view",
"username": username,
"password": password
headers = {
'Authorization': "Basic {}".format(b64string.decode())
token_response =, headers=headers, data=form_data, verify=False)
if not token_response.ok:
return False
tokens = token_response.json()
return tokens
def get_apis(query, access_token):
print("INFO: Get all APIs filtered by given query params")
endpoint = "{}://{}:{}".format(scheme, host, port) + "/api/am/publisher/v0.11/apis"
if query:
endpoint = "{}?query={}".format(endpoint, query)
headers = {
'Authorization': "Bearer {}".format(access_token)
apis_response = requests.get(endpoint, headers=headers, verify=False)
if not apis_response.ok:
return False
resources = apis_response.json()
return resources['list']
def get_subscriptions(api, access_token):
print("INFO: Get all subscriptions for the given API UUID")
api_id = api['id']
endpoint = "{}://{}:{}".format(scheme, host, port) + "/api/am/publisher/v0.11/subscriptions?apiId=" + api_id
headers = {
'Authorization': "Bearer {}".format(access_token)
subscriptions_response = requests.get(endpoint, headers=headers, verify=False)
if not subscriptions_response.ok:
return False
resources = subscriptions_response.json()
return resources['list']
def get_subscriptions_by_provider(provider_name):
print("INFO: Get all subscriptions which are there for the APIs created by given `provider` user")
username = configs['credentials']['username']
password = configs['credentials']['password']
app = get_application(username, password)
tokens = get_access_token(app, username, password)
apis = get_apis("provider:{}".format(provider_name), tokens['access_token'])
aggregate_subs = []
for api in apis:
api_subscriptions = get_subscriptions(api, tokens['access_token'])
aggregate_subs += api_subscriptions
return aggregate_subs
def main():
print("Sample Client for get subscriptions by provider")
provider_name = "admin"
all_subscriptions = get_subscriptions_by_provider(provider_name)
print("\nINFO: There are {} subscriptions for the user {} as follows:\n".format(len(all_subscriptions),
for subs in all_subscriptions:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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