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Last active February 15, 2021 21:18
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Ruby 2.1.0 in Production: known bugs and patches
Last week, we upgraded the rails app to ruby 2.1.0 in production.
While testing the new build for rollout, we ran into a number of bugs. Most of
these have been fixed on trunk already, but I've documented them below to help
anyone else who might be testing ruby 2.1 in production.
@naruse I think we should backport these patches to the ruby_2_1 branch and
release 2.1.1 sooner rather than later, as some of the bugs are quite critical.
I'm happy to offer any assistance I can to expedite this process.
- Struct#send(:setter=, rhs) does not return rhs
#9353 (r44501)
breaks the faraday gem
- Array#uniq behavior change
#9340 (r44512)
affects the sass gem
- Timeout behavior change
#9354 (r44517, r44518, r44519)
#9380 (r44523)
breaks the faraday gem
- [BUG] assertion failure in socket.c
#9352 (r44490, r44496)
breaks the excon gem
- segfault in method() usage
#9334, #9313, #9310, #9326, #9337
#9315 (r44455, r44458, r44510, r44527, r44552, r44553)
segv inside activesupport4 and other gems
- Hash lookup with #hash and #eql broken
#9381 (r44525, r44534, r44537)
- bigdecimal division issue
affects some payment processing gems
workaround patch by @phasis:
- SizedQueue not working
#9302, #9343, #9396
patches by @normalperson:
In addition to the bugfix patches above, we're running the following
performance patches in production. These have proven quite stable in our
environment, so I encourage you to try them if you're running a large ruby app.
- funny-falcon's st.c density patch
- funny-falcon's st.c pool allocator
- funny-falcon's method cache patch
proposed for trunk in #9262
- optimized Hash#[] and Hash#[]= with string literals
merged to trunk in #9382 (r44551)
Aside from the bugs above, our upgrade to 2.1 was very smooth. I'm happy to
report that is now running faster (and with less GC overhead) than
ever before.
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