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View RestartNetwork.ahk
Restart "Local area connection" without admin privileges
Example: RestartNetwork("Local area connection")
If ConnectionName is omited, the adapter name that contains "Realtek PCIe" will be selected.
RestartNetwork(ConnectionName := "") {
oShell := ComObjCreate("Shell.Application")
View AHKHID - example_3 修改版.ahk
; AHKHID - example_3 修改版.ahk
/*! TheGood
AHKHID - An AHK implementation of the HID functions.
AHKHID Example 3
Last updated: August 22nd, 2010
Monitors the mouse movements and button state changes.
This is a good example showing how to use the RI_MOUSE flags of the member II_MSE_BUTTONFLAGS.
View 监测正在使用的键盘或鼠标.ahk
; 监测正在使用的键盘或鼠标.ahk
; Disable this line if you're running from an editor that catches StdOut
; (like PSPad or SciTE.)
OnMessage(0xFF, "WM_INPUT")
View DigestAuth.ahk
class DigestAuth
Build(username, password, method, uri, ByRef WWWAuthenticate) {
Loop, Parse, % "realm|qop|algorithm|nonce|opaque", |
RegExMatch(WWWAuthenticate, A_LoopField "=""?\K[^,""]+", %A_LoopField%)
cnonce := this.create_cnonce()
nonceCount := "00000001"
View Chrome_GetTabList.ahk
Chrome_GetTabList() {
whr := ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
whr.Open("GET", "http://localhost:9222/json")
out := []
for i, tab in Jxon_Load(whr.ResponseText)
if (tab.type = "page")
out.push( {url: tab.url, title: tab.title} )
View mpv-test.ahk
Gui, Add, Text, x50 y50 w700 h500 HWNDhText,
Gui, Show, w800 h620
mpv := "D:\Program Files\mpv\mpv.exe"
Run, %mpv% --idle --input-ipc-server=\\.\pipe\mpvsocket --wid=%hText% ; Or --wid=%hGUI%
View AccViewer Source.ahk
; Accessible Info Viewer by jethrow
; Modified by tmplinshi (2018-10-11)
; - Display all 'State' and its constant name/value
; - Display constant name/value of 'Role'
; - Change hotkey from "Ctrl+/" to "Ctrl+F12"
; - Added 'HotTracking' checkbox
; - Increased GUI Size
View GetBitrate.ahk
GetBitrate(FileName) {
if !InStr(FileName, ":") {
FileName := A_WorkingDir "\" FileName
RegExMatch(FileName, "^(.*\\)(.*)$", m)
oShell := ComObjCreate("Shell.Application")
oFolder := oShell.Namespace(m1)
return oFolder.GetDetailsOf( oFolder.Parsename(m2), 28 )
View ArgsToObj.ahk
ArgsToObj - Convert command line parameters to object
Command line parameters:
-from gbk /to utf-8 /a /b --delete-top 2 --delete-end=5 in.txt out.txt
View ParseCmdline.ahk
ParseCmdline - parse command line to object
cmdline = "a test.ahk" -from gbk /to utf-8 /a /b --delete-top 2 --delete-end=5 "in file.txt" out.txt
o := ParseCmdline(cmdline)
MsgBox, % obj_print(o)
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