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MySQL 5.5.11 unicode_ci で同一視される文字
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
require 'cgi'
filename, = ARGV # path of file `ctype-uca.c'
ctype_uca =
ctype_uca =~ /^uchar uca_length\[256\]={\n(.*?)};$/m or raise 'uca_length not found'
uca_length = $1.gsub(/\s/,'').split(/,/).map(&:to_i)
uca ={|h,k| h[k] = []}
ctype_uca.scan(/^uint16 page([0-9A-F]+)data\[\]= {.*?\n(.*?)};$/m) do |page, data|
page = page.hex
data.gsub(/\s/,'').split(/,/).each_slice(uca_length[page]).each_with_index do |data, i|
data.reject!{|d| d == '0x0000'}
next if data.empty?
data = data.join(',')
code = page * 256 + i
uca[data].push code
puts <<EOS
<style type="text/css">
body {font-family: monospace}
table {border-collapse: collapse; empty-cells: show}
th,td {border: 1px solid}
<title>MySQL 5.5.11 unicode_ci で同一視される文字</title>
<h1>MySQL 5.5.11 unicode_ci で同一視される文字</h1>
uca.sort_by{|k,v| v}.each do |data, code_list|
next if code_list.size == 1
row1 = ''
row2 = ''
puts '<table>'
code_list.each do |code|
uni = "%04X" % code
chr = eval("\"\\u#{uni}\"")
row1.concat "<td>#{uni}</td>"
row2.concat "<td>#{CGI.escapeHTML chr}</td>"
puts '<tr><th>Unicode</th>', row1, '</tr>'
puts '<tr><th>Character</th>', row2, '</tr>'
puts '</table><br>'
puts <<EOS
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