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<div class="">
<!-- User Photo / Name -->
<a href="#" @click.prevent="toggleDropdown" class="px-4 hover:no-underline focus:no-underline" role="button" aria-expanded="false">
<img :src="user.photo_url" class="spark-nav-profile-photo m-r-xs">
<span class="caret"></span>
<ul :class="dropdownOpen ? 'block': 'hidden'" class="absolute pin-r z-10 bg-white rounded list-reset text-left border-grey-light border shadow" role="menu">
<!-- Impersonation -->
@if (session('spark:impersonator'))
<li class="px-6 pt-4">Impersonation</li>
<!-- Stop Impersonating -->
<li class="px-6">
<a href="/spark/kiosk/users/stop-impersonating">
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-btn fa-user-secret"></i>Back To My Account
<li class="h-px bg-grey-light my-4"></li>
<!-- Developer -->
@if (Spark::developer(Auth::user()->email))
<!-- Subscription Reminders -->
<!-- Settings -->
<li class="px-6">Settings</li>
<!-- Your Settings -->
<li class="px-6">
<a href="/settings">
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-btn fa-cog"></i>Your Settings
<li class="h-px bg-grey-light my-4"></li>
@if (Spark::usesTeams() && (Spark::createsAdditionalTeams() || Spark::showsTeamSwitcher()))
<!-- Team Settings -->
@if (Spark::hasSupportAddress())
<!-- Support -->
<!-- Logout -->
<li class="px-6 pb-4">
<a href="/logout">
<i class="fa fa-fw fa-btn fa-sign-out"></i>Logout
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