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<!-- NavBar For Authenticated Users -->
<div class="bg-white mb-8">
<nav class="container mx-auto flex items-center justify-between flex-wrap py-3 px-4">
<div class="block lg:hidden">
<button @click="toggleNav" class="flex items-center px-3 py-2 border rounded text-grey-dark border-grey-dark">
<svg class="fill-current h-3 w-3" viewBox="0 0 20 20" xmlns=""><title>Menu</title><path d="M0 3h20v2H0V3zm0 6h20v2H0V9zm0 6h20v2H0v-2z"/></svg>
<div :class="navOpen ? 'block': 'hidden'" class="w-full text-right flex-grow lg:flex lg:items-center lg:w-auto relative">
<a @click="showNotifications" class="has-activity-indicator">
<div class="navbar-icon py-6 lg:py-2">
<i class="activity-indicator" v-if="hasUnreadNotifications || hasUnreadAnnouncements"></i>
<i class="icon fa fa-bell"></i>
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