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Created November 23, 2016 12:24
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Hey Guys,

first of all : Thanks Fabian for your support. Without your motivation I would not have planned our x-mas special this year.

A few month ago I switched to a community blogging approach. This includes forking all blog-posts, creating merge request on github and so on. I hope we could use this feature now!

How To Blog at our xmas special

  1. Open
  2. Fork repository
  3. Create a new directory named "your-great-short-url-off-your-blog-post" in magento-1 oder magento-2 - depending on your topic
  4. create new article.txt containing following content (without ```)
  5. create a pull request

You can find a list of all posts on Please take care of your deadline :)

Don't bother about topics are online too early. is being responsible for showing posts not before your "Advents"-date. In case of users looking at github to spoil next topics: don't think about that - they are killing their own x-mas-special feeling ;)

Many many thanks guys. Really great to be a part of this community!

Greetings from our new office in Paderborn


Title: Türchen xx : Your Topic


Date: 2016-12-xx


Author: Your Name


Author-Text: text about your self. would be printed at the end of your blog-post and and your author page


Intro: first lines of your blog-posts, would be printed at home-page and a little bit bigger 


Text: Your complete Blog-Posts using Markdown

You can use (code language: javascript|php|html|xml)YOUR CODE(/code) to highlight your source.

To add some images just put it your new blog-post-directory and include it using (image: banner_fb-650x223.png)

(Blog-Template is available as gist, too - )

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