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Last active Jun 5, 2022
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Download your Kindle Highlights to local markdown files. Great for
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# gem install active_support
require 'active_support/inflector'
require 'active_support/core_ext/string'
# gem install webrick (only ruby3)
require 'webrick'
# gem install mechanize
require 'mechanize'
# set this variable to if you are in Canada (or likewise elsewere)
root_url = ENV['KINDLE_URL'] || ""
login = ENV['KINDLE_USER'] || raise("Need KINDLE_USER env var")
pass = ENV['KINDLE_PASS'] || raise("Need KINDLE_PASS env var")
output_dir = if ARGV[0].nil? or ![0])
STDERR.puts "#{File.basename(__FILE__)} [valid output directory]"
m =
m.user_agent_alias = 'Mac Safari'
m.cookie_jar.load("cookies.yaml") if File.exist?("cookies.yaml")
at_exit {"cookies.yaml", session: true) }
response = m.get("#{root_url}/notebook")
if form = response.form("signIn")
# attempt to login
form = response.form("signIn") = ENV['KINDLE_USER']
form.password = ENV['KINDLE_PASS']
response = m.submit(form, form.buttons.first)
if response.title != "Kindle: Your Notes and Highlights"
STDERR.puts "Unexpected page. Additional security or captcha? Check your phone."
file ='/tmp/amazon.html', "w+") do |f|
f << response.body
STDERR.puts "Inspect: #{file.path}"
# Get all books
books ="div#kp-notebook-library") { |child| child.attributes["id"].present? }
# Write each out as formatted markdown file to
books.each do |book|
full_title = title ="h2").first.text.squish
# If the book title has a colon in it we terminate the title there
title = $1 if title =~ /^([^\:]+)\:/
filename = title.strip.gsub(/[^\w]/, '_')
filename = title.parameterize(preserve_case: true, separator: '_')
puts "* writing #{title} to #{filename}.md""#{output_dir}/#{filename}.md", "w+") do |f|
asin = book.attributes["id"].value.squish
author ="p").first.text.split(":").last.strip.squish
# Write markdown header
f.puts "# #{full_title}"
f.puts " by [[#{author}]], asin: [#{asin}](kindle://book?action=openasin=#{asin})"
f.puts " #Book"
highlights = m.get("#{root_url}/kp/notebook?captcha_verified=1&asin=#{asin}&contentLimitState=&")
.select { |child| == "div" }
.select { |child|"").first.present? }
highlights.each do |highlight|
text ="").first.text.squish
location ="input#kp-annotation-location").first.attributes["value"].value
# Write markdown highlights
f.puts "---"
f.print "#{text}"
f.puts " - location: [#{location}](kindle://book?action=open&location=#{location}&asin=#{asin})"
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jaiamo commented Jan 26, 2021

Here's a python version inspired by your code that works for multiple pages (relevant lines are 76-81, and 99-103):

Also added support for command line flags which let you list all your books, download notes for all your books, or download notes just for a specified title.

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e-gons commented Feb 5, 2021

This is great. Another tool that gets the job done is Readwise and their Markdown exporter.

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