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Created Aug 4, 2016
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YOU'RE WELCOME, INTERNET. -- if you search for an ascii doge, you don't get anything great that you can copy paste. found a silly gif ( and i have transcribed it for all of you

no clue who made this, but i have transcribed it here:

                Y.                      _   
                YiL                   .```.  
                Yii;                .; .;;`.    
                YY;ii._           .;`.;;;; :    
                iiYYYYYYiiiii;;;;i` ;;::;;;;    
            _.;YYYYYYiiiiiiYYYii  .;;.   ;;; 
         .YYYYYYYYYYiiYYYYYYYYYYYYii;`  ;;;;    
      :YYY$!.  TYiiYY$$$$$YYYYYYYiiYYYYiYYii.    
      Y$MM$:   :YYYYYY$!"``"4YYYYYiiiYYYYiiYY.    
   `. :MM$$b.,dYY$$Yii" :'   :YYYYllYiiYYYiYY    
_.._ :`4MM$!YYYYYYYYYii,.__.diii$$YYYYYYYYYYY
.,._ $b`P`     "4$$$$$iiiiiiii$$$$YY$$$$$$YiY;
   `,.`$:       :$$$$$$$$$YYYYY$$$$$$$$$YYiiYYL
    "`;$$.    .;PPb$`.,.``T$$YY$$$$YYYYYYiiiYYU:  
    ;$P$;;: ;;;;i$y$"!Y$$$b;$$$Y$YY$$YYYiiiYYiYY 
    $Fi$$ .. ``:iii.`-":YYYYY$$YY$$$$$YYYiiYiYYY    
    :Y$$rb ````  `_..;;i;YYY$YY$$$$$$$YYYYYYYiYY:    

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