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tobiashochguertel /
Created December 7, 2023 05:06 — forked from nebriv/
Dell Display Manager 2.0 command line documentation

Dell Display Manager 2.0 Command Line

Decompiled DLL with ILSpy to identify various commands.

Most commands can be found in DDM2._0_UX.CmdBackground.cmdService_DoWork

Write commands can be prefixed with int:command to specify which monitor to send the command to.

.\DDM.exe /0:writebrightnesslevel 50

tobiashochguertel / Open Activity from where we need the result - MainActivity.kt
Last active June 29, 2023 11:30
Android retrieving a result from an Activity #Android
// the logic to launch the Activity from the property defined previously
findViewById<Button>( {
Intent(this, // Intent that is launched for its result!
// This creates an Intent that is launched for its result: `Intent(this, RainbowColor`.
tobiashochguertel / colors.xml
Last active June 29, 2023 08:21 — forked from erikcox/colors.xml
Android Material Design Colors #Android #AndroidColors
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- Material Design - Color Palette -->
<!-- -->
<!-- Red -->
<color name="red_50">#FFEBEE</color>
<color name="red_100">#FFCDD2</color>
<color name="red_200">#EF9A9A</color>
tobiashochguertel / Add-Path.ps1
Last active September 20, 2015 19:33
Add-Path Cmdlet
function Add-Path {
Adds a Directory to the Current Path
Add a directory to the current path. This is useful for temporary
changes to the path or, when run from your profile, for adjusting
the path within your powershell prompt.
Add-Path -Directory "C:\Program Files\Notepad++"