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Created October 14, 2016 08:53
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Primarily by grouping types into larger categories, but also by recategorizing callback interfaces as more like dictionaries than normal interfaces.
Fixes #50 and #59.
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<details><summary>Per Commit Preview &amp; Diffs</summary><code title="Simplify the distinguishable table&period;">779f2fc</code>: [Preview]( | [Diff w/ Head]( _(2016-10-04 23:31)_
<code title="s&sol;at most one of the two&sol;they do not both&sol;">a91e31b</code>: [Preview]( | [Diff w/ Head]( | [Diff w/ Previous]( _(2016-10-05 20:29)_
Latest (<code title="Move callback interfaces from the interface-like to the dictionary-like category&period;">1b31ab1</code>): [Preview]( | [Diff w/ Head]( | [Diff w/ Previous]( _(2016-10-05 20:38)_</details>
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