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Created Dec 16, 2010
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blitz template engine view class for slim framework
// extended blitz class for better block handling (load assoc arrays correctly, one level)
class xBlitz extends Blitz{function xblock($k,$a){foreach($a as $v){$this->block('/'.$k,$v,true);}}}
class BlitzView extends View {
private $blitzEnvironment = null;
public function render( $template ) {
$env = $this->getEnvironment( $template );
return $env->parse( $this->data );
private function getEnvironment( $template ) {
if ( !$this->blitzEnvironment ) {
ini_set( 'blitz.path', $this->getTemplatesDirectory().'/' );
$this->blitzEnvironment = new xBlitz( $template );
return $this->blitzEnvironment;

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@codeguy codeguy commented Dec 18, 2010

This has been added to the Slim develop branch. Will be merged into master when 1.1 is complete.

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