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Created Apr 9, 2017
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Decimal rounding to the nearest multiple (plus unit tests)
from decimal import Decimal, ROUND_CEILING, ROUND_FLOOR
ONE = Decimal(1)
def round_up(number, quantum):
"""Round a decimal number up to the nearest multiple of quantum"""
return (number / quantum).quantize(ONE, rounding=ROUND_CEILING) * quantum
def round_down(number, quantum):
"""Round a decimal number down to the nearest multiple of quantum"""
return (number / quantum).quantize(ONE, rounding=ROUND_FLOOR) * quantum
import unittest
from decimal import Decimal, BasicContext, localcontext
ONE = Decimal(1)
class RoundTestCase:
def test_unity(self):
self.assertEqual(self.method(ONE, ONE), ONE)
def test_epsilon(self):
def _range_inclusive(start, end, step=1):
return range(start, end + step, step)
with localcontext(BasicContext) as context:
for precision in range(1, 20):
context.prec = precision + 2 # give the algo some room to work
for exponent in _range_inclusive(-10, 10):
epsilon = Decimal((0, (1, ), exponent - precision))
for digit in _range_inclusive(1, 9):
quantum = Decimal((0, (digit, ), exponent))
for multiple in _range_inclusive(-9, 9):
with self.subTest(
under = quantum.fma(multiple, -epsilon)
self.assertEqual(self.method(under, quantum), self.under(multiple) * quantum)
over = quantum.fma(multiple, epsilon)
self.assertEqual(self.method(over, quantum), self.over(multiple) * quantum)
class RoundUpTestCase(unittest.TestCase, RoundTestCase):
method = staticmethod(round_up)
def under(multiple):
return multiple
def over(multiple):
return multiple + 1
class RoundDownTestCase(unittest.TestCase, RoundTestCase):
method = staticmethod(round_down)
def under(multiple):
return multiple - 1
def over(multiple):
return multiple
if __name__ == '__main__':
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