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Created April 26, 2016 15:42
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a Bash script to generate docset for Zeal from a group of gems
# rubygem is required
# yard is required: gem install yard
# doc_to_dash is required: gem install doc_to_dash
TMP_DIR=$(mktemp -d)
for GEM_NAME in $(gem search --local $GEM_NAME_PREFIX | sed -e "/^$/d" -e "s/ \(.*\)$//"); do
GEM_DIR=$(find $GEM_HOME -type d -name "$GEM_NAME-[0-9]*" | grep $GEM_NAME_PREFIX | sort -r | head -1)
mkdir -p $TMP_DIR/$GEM_NAME
yardoc --title $GEM_NAME --readme --protected --private --embed-mixins --output-dir $TMP_DIR/$GEM_NAME $GEM_DIR
cat <<EOF > $DOCSET_DIR/$GEM_NAME.docset/meta.json
"name": "$GEM_NAME",
"title": "$GEM_NAME"
rm -Rv $TMP_DIR
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can you provide some details on how to use this shell script and how to add in zeal aftewards?

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