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Created July 30, 2014 19:49
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Eurucamp 2014: How to do static analysis driven refactoring?

Link Workshop

Be sure to have at least:

  • nix like OS
  • at least MRI 2.1
  • git
  • pgsql (or mysql)
  • an editor of your choice
  • a terminal

We'll practice on GitLab. If you want to be sure to be ready, you can setup the following:

git clone; git checkout 119b028; git checkout -b eurucamp2014-htdsadr
bundle install --without mysql
cd config
cp database.yml{.postgresql,} 
cp gitlab.yml{.example,}
# edit database.yml to set username and pw of a superuser db
cd ..
RAILS_ENV=test bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate db:seed_fu

To check if your setup is good, run the following specs (we don't necessary a full install)

bundle exec rake spec:models
bundle exec rake spec:controllers
bundle exec rake spec:mailers
bundle exec rake spec:requests
bundle exec rake spec:helpers

Finally, you can already install the tools we'll use:

gem install flay
gem install excellent
gem install rubocop
gem install brakeman
gem install rails_best_practices
gem install yard
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