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Google BigQuery: Create a Table With an Auto-generate Schema
from import storage
from import bigquery
import pprint
bucket_uri = 'gs://your-bucket/'
bucket_name = 'your-bucket'
bucket_target = 'datasets/data_upload.csv'
local_dataset = 'data/test.csv'
bucket_target_uri = bucket_uri + bucket_target
bigquery_dataset = 'uploadtest'
bigquery_table = 'my_table'
def upload_blob(bucket_name, source_file_name, destination_blob_name):
"""Upload a CSV to Google Cloud Storage.
1. Retrieve the target bucket.
2. Set destination of data to be uploaded.
3. Upload local CSV.
storage_client = storage.Client()
bucket = storage_client.get_bucket(bucket_name)
blob = bucket.blob(destination_blob_name)
# Commence Upload
print('File {} uploaded to {}.'.format(
def insert_bigquery(target_uri, dataset_id, table_id):
"""Insert CSV from Google Storage to BigQuery Table.
1. Specify target dataset within BigQuery.
2. Create a Job configuration.
3. Specify that we are autodetecting datatypes.
4. Reserve row #1 for headers.
5. Specify the source format of the file (defaults to CSV).
6. Pass the URI of the data storage on Google Cloud Storage from.
7. Load BigQuery Job.
8. Execute BigQuery Job.
bigquery_client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_ref = bigquery_client.dataset(dataset_id)
job_config = bigquery.LoadJobConfig()
job_config.autodetect = True
job_config.skip_leading_rows = 1
job_config.source_format = bigquery.SourceFormat.CSV
uri = target_uri
load_job = bigquery_client.load_table_from_uri(
job_config=job_config) # API request
print('Starting job {}'.format(load_job.job_id))
# Waits for table load to complete.
print('Job finished.')
def get_schema(dataset_id, table_id):
"""Get BigQuery Table Schema.
1. Specify target dataset within BigQuery.
2. Specify target table within given dataset.
3. Create Table class instance from existing BigQuery Table.
4. Print results to console.
5. Return the schema dict.
bigquery_client = bigquery.Client()
dataset_ref = bigquery_client.dataset(dataset_id)
bg_tableref = bigquery.table.TableReference(dataset_ref, table_id)
bg_table = bigquery_client.get_table(bg_tableref)
# Print Schema to Console
pp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)
return bg_table.schema
upload_blob(bucket_name, local_dataset, bucket_target)
insert_bigquery(bucket_target_uri, bigquery_dataset, bigquery_table)
bigquery_table_schema = get_schema(bigquery_dataset, bigquery_table)
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