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import requests
import json
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
class ExtractTableauView:
"""Class instance for extracting a single Tableau View."""
def __init__(self, base_url, username, password, tableau_site):
"""Initialize Taleau site instance for pillaging sequence."""
self.url = base_url
self.user = username
self.password = password
self.sitename = tableau_site
self.xml = self.initialize_tableau_request()
self.token = self.get_token() = self.get_site()
self.views = self.list_views()
def get_view(self, view):
"""Get contents of a single view."""
headers = {'X-Tableau-Auth': self.token}
r = requests.get(self.url + '/api/3.0/sites/' + +'/views/' + view + '/data', auth=(self.user, self.password), headers=headers)
return r.content
def list_views(self):
"""Get all views belonging to a Tableau Site."""
headers = {'X-Tableau-Auth': self.token}
r = requests.get(self.url + '/api/3.0/sites/' + +'/views', auth=(self.user, self.password), headers=headers)
root = ET.fromstring(r.content)
views_arr = []
for child in root.iter('*'):
if child.tag == '{}views':
for view in child:
return views_arr
def get_token(self):
"""Receive Auth token to perform API requests."""
for child in self.xml.iter('*'):
if child.tag == '{}credentials':
token = child.attrib.get('token')
return token
def get_site(self):
"""Retrieve ID of Tableau site instance."""
for child in self.xml.iter('*'):
if child.tag == '{}site':
site = child.attrib.get('id')
return site
def initialize_tableau_request(self):
"""Retrieve core XML for interacting with Tableau."""
headers = {'Content-Type': 'application/xml'}
# Pass your username, password, and Tableau "site" name
body = '<tsRequest><credentials name="'+ self.user + '" password="'+ self.password + '" ><site contentUrl="' + self.sitename + '" /></credentials></tsRequest>'
# Execute API request
r = + '/api/3.0/auth/signin', auth=(self.user, self.password), headers=headers, data=body)
root = ET.fromstring(r.content)
return root
tableau_view_extractor = ExtractView('[MyTaleauServerURL]', '[username]', '[password]', '[sitename]')
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