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docker hub with kubernetes in GKE
  • Step by step how to pull a private DockerHub hosted image in a Kubernetes YML.
export DOCKER_USER=Type your dockerhub username, same as when you `docker login`
export DOCKER_EMAIL=Type your dockerhub email, same as when you `docker login`
export DOCKER_PASSWORD=Type your dockerhub pw, same as when you `docker login`
export SECRETNAME=acmeorg
  • You can now add the secret to your Kubernetes configuration. You can add it to the default service account with the following command:
kubectl patch serviceaccount default -p "{\"imagePullSecrets\": [{\"name\": \"$SECRETNAME\"}]}"
kubectl create secret docker-registry $SECRETNAME \
  --docker-server=$DOCKER_REGISTRY_SERVER \
  --docker-username=$DOCKER_USER \
  --docker-password=$DOCKER_PASSWORD \

If your username on DockerHub is DOCKER_USER, and your private repo is called PRIVATE_REPO_NAME, and the image you want to pull is tagged "latest", create this dummy.yaml file: If you images are named like orgname/consul . Use the same in the image url

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: foo
    - name: whatever
#      image: acmeorg/consul:latest
      imagePullPolicy: Always
      command: [ "echo", "SUCCESS" ]
    - name: myregistrykey

Then run:

kubectl create -f dummy.yaml


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sukilani commented Aug 31, 2018

I executed above procedure to pull my image from docker hub.
But i dont see images successfully pulled.
For ex,After above procedure to pull image from Docker hub,If i execute docker images I dont see Image that I pulled.
Please help!

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