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.Net Course Outline

History and Glossary

OpCode Article

.Net vs Java

Anders Hejlsberg and goals of .Net 1.0

  • Emulate success of Java with something familiar to practictioners
  • Prepare groundwork for fixing Java’s errors
  • Create next-gen system for coding on windows
  • Bring VB6 developers to .Net
  • Bring VB6 developers to the web
  • (Later) Promote component-centeric development and encourage ecosystem
  • (Later) Control ecosystem quality and growth
  • (Much later) Adopt lessons from external systems
  • (Much much later) Encourage open source
  • (Lately) go cross-platform

What .Net is and .Net languages

  • VB
  • F#
  • C#
  • Many others

Syntax basics


Classes and methods

Access modifiers

types and type inference

Class-Oriented Programming and OOD

What are classes for?

Code sharing



Classes are a coding tool


Compilation, Assemblies, Linking


Unit Testing

Design Patterns and SOLID


Extension methods

Lambda compilation

Expression Trees

Libraries and Frameworks Core

Entity Framework Core

.Net Core Dependency Injection

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