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Created Mar 8, 2020

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Sum elements to next in a list


I have to create a function that sums of every 2 consecutives elements ina lst. for example ([2,4,3,1,-2]). the output expected [6,7,4,-1]

The basic idea is to take the collection


and a copy of it that skips the first element (islice is a good fit for this)

from itertools import islice
return list(islice(lst, 1, None))
4 3 1 -2

You then zip the two together into a tuple

return list(zip(lst, skipped))
2 4
4 3
3 1
1 -2

Now it's just a matter of iterating each tuple and adding the two elements

return list(a+b for a,b in zipped)

So putting it all together, it's a one liner

from itertools import islice
return list(a+b for a,b in zip(lst, islice(lst, 1, None)))
6 7 4 -1
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