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Example Script for using network namespaces
set -e
# Network namespace example
# Inspired by
ip netns add $NNS
ip link add $DEV_OUTSIDE type veth peer name $DEV_INSIDE
ip link set $DEV_INSIDE netns $NNS
ip netns exec $NNS ip link set dev $DEV_INSIDE up
ip netns exec $NNS ip addr add $IP_INSIDE dev $DEV_INSIDE
ip link set dev $DEV_OUTSIDE up
ip add add $IP_OUTSIDE dev $DEV_OUTSIDE
ip netns exec $NNS /usr/sbin/sshd -p 22
echo "you now can connect to fec0::1 via ssh"

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commented Jul 17, 2018

Interesting use cases:

  • start a vpn inside that namespace and you have isolated your host.
  • use it for services that should only be available locally
  • use it for routing tests
  • isolate applications i.e. having a local DNS resolver and a DNS server running locally.
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