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Decipher the mangled multicolor mode letters and react quickly. 50+ rounds for the ending. Part memory game, part reaction game in 3 lines of CBM Basic v3.5+ (Commodore 128/+4)
0 graphic3,1:m=999:do:c$=chr$(rnd(1)*26+65):char,rnd(1)*40,rnd(1)*25,c$:s=s+t*r
1 r=r+1:t=400-r*5:do:geta$:t=t-1:s=s+(a$<>c$)*m-(a$="")*m:loopwhilea$<>c$andt>.
2 loopwhilea$=c$:graphic.,1:print"#"r"score:"s"letter:"c$:ifr>49thenprint"wow!"
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