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@tomaes tomaes/pico racer (c64)
Last active Apr 6, 2019

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first version. ~300 byte commodore basic v2 (c64) mini game. use petcat and VICE to run on a pc. Or CBM studio. Or type it in like a man/woman/child/zombie/adventurous space person!
0 rem .-==: pico.racer :==-.
1 j=56320:p=1444:r=119:l=r+4:c=.001:printchr$(147)
2 w=peek(j):ifw=rthenx=x+1
3 ifw=lthenx=x-1
4 o=15+int(sin(m*.1)*3):ifm>20thens=s-(peek(p+x)=32)
5 pokep+x,81:printspc(o)"";:fori=0to5:ifrnd(0)>bthenprint":";:goto7
6 print" ";
7 next:pokep+x,66:m=m+1:b=b+c:prints:ifs<10thengoto2
8 print,"miles:";m
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