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Capybara cheatsheet

Capybara Actions

# Anchor
click_link 'Save'

# Button
click_button 'awesome'

# Both above
click_link_or_button 'Save'

# Text (area) field
fill_in 'Name', with: 'Content'

# Checkbox
check 'Content'
uncheck 'Content'

# Radio button
choose 'Content'

# Select option from select tag
select 'Option', from: 'Label'

# File input
attach_file Rails.root.join('spec/fixture/some_file.png')

Capybara Finders

page.all(:xpath, '//a')

page.first(:xpath, '//a')


page.find(:xpath, "//input[@id='form_pets_dog']")['checked']
# => true

page.find(:css, '#with_focus_event').trigger(:focus)


# => 'blah'

# => 'a'

# finds invisible elements when false
page.find_by_id("hidden_via_ancestor", visible: false)

page.find_button('What an Awesome')[:value]
# => 'awesome'

# => 'labore'

# => '/some_uri'

Note: find will wait for an element to appear on the page, as explained in the Ajax section. If the element does not appear it will raise an error.

Note: In XPath the expression // means something very specific, and it might not be what you think. Contrary to common belief, // means "anywhere in the document" not "anywhere in the current context".

Capybara Scoped Finder within

within(search_form) do
  fill_in 'Name', with: 'iOS 7'
  click_button 'Search'

def search_form

within_fieldset("villain_fieldset") do
  # ...

within_table("some_table") do
  # ...

# Execute the given block within the given iframe using given frame name or index.
within_frame('some_frame') do


# You need to install launchy gem.

Capybara Common



# Execute the given script, not returning a result. This is useful for scripts that return
# complex objects, such as jQuery statements. +execute_script+ should be used over
# +evaluate_script+ whenever possible.
page.execute_script("$('#change').text('Funky Doodle')")

# Evaluate the given JavaScript and return the result. Be careful when using this with
# scripts that return complex objects, such as jQuery statements. +execute_script+ might
# be a better alternative.
# => 4

using_wait_time 6 do
  # ... Changed Capybara.default_wait_time in this block scope.

Capybara Matchers

expect(page).to have_content("Some Content")
expect(page).to have_no_content("Some Content")

# True if there is a anchor tag with text matching regex
expect(page).to have_xpath("//a")
expect(page).to have_xpath("//a",:href => "")
expect(page).to have_xpath("//a[@href => '']")
expect(page).to have_xpath("//a[contains(.,'some string')]")
expect(page).to have_xpath("//p//a", :text => /re[dab]i/i, :count => 1)

 # can take both xpath and css as input and can take arguments similar to both have_css and have_xpath
 expect(page).to have_selector(:xpath, "//p/h1")
 expect(page).to have_selector(:css, "p a#post_edit_path")

 expect(page).to have_css("input#post_title")
 expect(page).to have_css("input#post_title", :value => "Capybara cheatsheet")

 # True if there are 3 input tags in response
 expect(page).to have_css("input", :count => 3)

 # True if there or fewer or equal to 3 input tags
 expect(page).to have_css("input", :maximum => 3)

 # True if there are minimum of 3 input tags
 expect(page).to have_css("input", :minimum => 3)

 # True if there 1 to 3 input tags
 expect(page).to have_css("input", :between => 1..3)

 # True if there is a anchor tag with text hello
 expect(page).to have_css("p a", :text => "hello")
 expect(page).to have_css("p a", :text => /[hH]ello(.+)/i)

# For making capybara to take css as default selector
Capybara.default_selector = :css

# checks for the presence of the input tag
expect(page).to have_selector("input")

# checks for input tag with value
expect(page).to have_selector("input", :value =>"Post Title")

expect(page).to have_no_selector("input")

# For making capybara to take css as default selector
Capybara.default_selector = :xpath
# checks for the presence of the input tag
expect(page).to have_selector("//input")

# checks for input tag with value
expect(page).to have_selector("//input", :value =>"Post Title")

# checks for presence of a input field named FirstName in a form
expect(page).to have_field("FirstName")

expect(page).to have_field("FirstName", :value => "Rambo")
expect(page).to have_field("FirstName", :with => "Rambo")

expect(page).to have_link("Foo")
expect(page).to have_link("Foo", :href=>"")
expect(page).to have_no_link("Foo", :href=>"")
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samkay123 commented Apr 27, 2017

expect(min_warning).to eq(min_warning) the various warnings are passed in the scenario outline is this best practice of anyone know of any other way to check warnings using scenario outline?

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pardhiva16 commented Nov 18, 2017

Thank you for providing this commands for Capybara Ruby Cucumber Automation Framework

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mockdeep commented Dec 26, 2017

I don't think the value: key is valid here. I get the error:

        invalid keys :value, should be one of :count, :minimum, :maximum, :between, :text, :id, :class, :visible, :exact, :exact_text, :match, :wait, :filter_set

Instead I need to use:

expect(page).to have_selector("input[value='Post Title']")

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mveer99 commented Dec 29, 2017

@mockdeep you can use it like
expect(page).to have_selector('input', text: 'Post Title')

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Circuit8 commented Jan 26, 2018

Thanks very nice 👍

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SofiaSousa commented Feb 14, 2018

Thanks for your share!

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minghz commented Apr 26, 2018

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rafael-acerqueira commented May 13, 2018

Thanks for sharing !

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hirokihokari commented Jun 7, 2018

why do you guys think have_css matcher is named the way it is? I mean, it sure deals with css identifiers, but have_css gives(at least to me) the impression that the page has certain stylesheet loading.

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Kharouk commented Sep 24, 2018

Thanks for this!

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FarooqSyed0 commented Oct 17, 2018

Thank you! :)

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gsag commented Oct 24, 2018

Thanks! :) 👍

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tuffs commented Mar 15, 2019

A+ Very useful!

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yshmarov commented Jun 10, 2021


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ourmaninamsterdam commented Jul 22, 2021

Was looking for Capybara help and look who I found 👍

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Bartuz commented Aug 22, 2022

wow, keep coming back to it after 5 years. Thank you

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