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@tomaszezula tomaszezula/ETLShowCase.scala Secret
Created Nov 9, 2015

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// App configuration, provides access to Spark context, Kafka brokers, topics etc.
val conf = new Map(...)
// ETLEngine represents a custom API layer
val etl = new ETLEngine(conf)
// A stream of new proxy logs
val proxyStream: DStream[Row] = etl.extract(new ProxyStreamExtractor
.transform(new ProxyRowTransformer)
// Split into two distinct sets
val successFilter = proxyStream.filter(rdd => ...)
val failedFilter = proxyStream.filter(rdd => ...)
// Trigger a new workflow
// Hive context needed for SQL operations
val hiveCtx: HiveContext = ...
// Start with successfully parsed lines
.analyse(new WindowAnalyzer(hiveCtx))
.analyse(new ThreatIntelSweeper(hiveCtx))
.load(new SuccessLoader(hiveCtx))
// Now process the errors
.load(new ErrorLoader(hiveCtx))
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