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How zip works with Monads
class ZipSpec extends FlatSpec with ScalaFutures with Matchers {
import scalaz.Scalaz._
"zip" should "provide one future from args of futures" in {
val result = zip(successful(1), successful(true), successful("string"), successful(1.0))
val (a, b, c, d) = result.futureValue
(a, b, c, d) should equal((1, true, "string", 1.0))
it should "work with Lists too" in {
zip(List(1, 2), List(3, 4), List(5, 6)) should equal(List((1,3,5), (1,3,6), (1,4,5), (1,4,6), (2,3,5), (2,3,6), (2,4,5), (2,4,6)))
it should "work with Options too" in {
zip(Option(1), Option(3), Option(5)) should equal(Some(1,3,5))
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