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My Git AutoHotKey script.
#SingleInstance force
#IfWinActive ahk_class VirtualConsoleClass
::grc::git rebase --continue
::gmt::git mergetool
::gpf::git push --force-with-lease
::gch::git checkout
::gri::git rebase -i HEAD~
::gc::git commit
::gca::git commit --amend
::gcan::git commit --amend --no-edit
::gs::git status
::gpu::git push -u origin
::gi::git istage
::gd::git diff
::gdd::git diff --word-diff
::gdc::git diff --cached
::gl::git lgg
::gll::git lg
::gb::git branch
::ga::git add .
::gm::git merge --no-ff -e -m "" -
::grd::git rebase develop -p
::gmt::git mergetool
::glg::git lg --graph
::ah::git addhashtotasknumber
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