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Sample Bosun.toml file
# Hostname will be used when links are created in templates (i.e. acknowledge links)
#Hostname = ""
# The HTTP IP and Port to Listen on. Default is ":8070"
#HTTPListen = ":8080"
# Alert checks are run by default every CheckFrequency * DefaultRunEvery. RunEvery can be overridden
# by indivdual alerts. Defaults are "5m" and 1
CheckFrequency = "1m"
DefaultRunEvery = 5
# Path to the rule file (file that contains definitions for alerts, macros, lookups, templates, and notifications)
RuleFilePath = "/data/bosunrules.conf"
# zones (only for use in the UI)
TimeAndDate = [ 237, 179, 136 ]
# An API key for generating shortlinks
#ShortURLKey = "aKey"
# The minumum amount of alerts to create an alert group on the dashboard. Default is 5
MinGroupSize = 5
# How many unknown alerts in a check cycle are needed before a group notiofication is created
UnknownThreshold = 5
# This makes it so Bosun ping's and records a metric for every value of the "host" tag it has seen. Default is false
Ping = false
# How long before hosts stop being pinged if we haven't seen a tagset for that host.Alert. Default is 24 hours
PingDuration = "24h"
# How long certain items and metrics should be displayed in the UI if we haven't seen them. Default 3 days
SearchSince = "72h"
# Enable saving API endpoints and the ability to save the config via the UI. Default is false
EnableSave = true
EnableReload = true
# Path to a command that will be executed on save of the rule configuration. This command is passed a filename, username, message, and vargs
# If the command does not execute save operations will be canceled and the rule file will be restored
#CommandHookPath = "/Users/kbrandt/src/hook/hook"
# Configuration to enable the OpenTSDB Backend
Host = "x.x.x.x:4242"
# Default is 2.1, certain features like filters are enabled when the version is set to 2.2
Version = 2.2
# ResponseLimit will make requests error if the response from opentsdb is larger than this setting in bytes. Default of 1MB
ResponseLimit = 25000000
# Configuration for to enable to Graphite Backend
# Host = "localhost:80"
# [GraphiteConf.Headers]
# X-Meow = "Mix"
# Configuration of hosts to enable the Elastic backend
# [ElasticConf]
# Hosts = [""]
# [ElasticConf.default]
# Hosts = [""]
# [ElasticConf.default.ClientOptions]
# SnifferEnabled = true
# SnifferTimeoutStartup = 10
# HealthcheckEnabled = false
# Configuration for embedding the annotate service (also enables annotations if hosts are defined)
# Hosts = ["", ""]
# # Set the Index name that annotations are stored in. Default is annotate
# # Index = annotate
# Configuration for Bosun's internal storage. Can be Ledis (Default) or Redis. Redis is recommended
# for production setups. Defaults for ledis are below but would be ignored since redis takes
# precedence
# LedisDir = "/data/ledis_data"
# LedisBindAddr = ""
RedisHost = "x.x.x.x:6379"
# Configuration to enable Bosun to be able to send email notifications
# EmailFrom = ""
# Host = ""
# Configuration to enable the InfluxDB backend
# URL = "https://myInfluxServer:1234"
# Timeout = "5m"
# UnsafeSSL = true
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