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uBlox 6M GPS NMEA message parsing using Python
# Script connects to uBlox 6M GPS receiver through serial interface,
# reads received NMEA messages, parses and verifies
# them and finally prints parsed information to console (logfile).
# NOTE: change below configuration based on your device parameters
# configuration
port = "COM15"
baud = 9600
import serial
print "PySerial library is required to run this script, please install"
import logging
# helpers
def num(x):
try: return int(x)
except: return 0
# parse code
def parse_gptxt(p):{0:"ERROR",1:"WARNING",2:"NOTICE",7:"USER"}[num(p[3])]+" "+p[4])
def parse_gpgll(p):
# $GPGLL,Latitude,N,Longitude,E,,Valid,Mode*cs<CR><LF>
if p[6] != "" and (p[6] == "A" or p[6] == "D"):"GLL:")" lat: "+p[1]+" "+p[2])" lon: "+p[3]+" "+p[4])" time: "+p[5])
def parse_rmc(p):
# $GPRMC,hhmmss,status,latitude,N,longitude,E,spd,cog,ddmmyy,mv,mvE,mode*cs<CR><LF>
if p[2] == "A": # status valid"RMC:")" time: "+p[1])" lat: "+p[3]+" "+p[4])" lon: "+p[5]+" "+p[6])" speed: "+p[7]+" knots")" cog: "+p[8]+" deg")" date: "+p[9])
def parse_gpvtg(p):
# $GPVTG,cogt,T,cogm,M,sog,N,kph,K,mode*cs<CR><LF>
if p[7] != "":"VTG:")" cogt: "+p[1])" sog: "+p[5]+" knots")" sog: "+p[7]+" km/h")
def parse_gpgga(p):
# $GPGGA,,Latitude,N,Longitude,E,FS,NoSV,HDOP,msl,m,Altref,m,DiffAge,DiffStation*cs<CR><LF>
if p[7] != "" and num(p[7]) > 0 and p[6] != "" and num(p[6]) > 0: # fix is valid"GGA:")" time: "+p[1])" lat: "+p[2]+" "+p[3])" lon: "+p[4]+" "+p[5])" fix: "+p[6])" sat: "+str(num(p[7])))
def parse_gsa(p):
# $GPGSA,Smode,FS{,sv},PDOP,HDOP,VDOP*cs<CR><LF>
if p[2] != "" and num(p[2]) > 1: # fix is valid"GSA:")" sat: "+str(sum([1 for i in range(12) if p[3+i]!=""])))
def parse_gpgsv(p):
# $GPGSV,NoMsg,MsgNo,NoSv,{,sv,elv,az,cno}*cs<CR><LF>
if p[2] != "" and num(p[2]) == 1:"GSV:")" sat: "+str(num(p[3])))
# known NMEA messages (parameter number, handler f-tion)
messages = {
"$GPTXT":[5, parse_gptxt],
"$GPRMC":[12, parse_rmc],
"$GPVTG":[10, parse_gpvtg],
"$GPGGA":[15, parse_gpgga],
"$GPGSA":[18, parse_gsa],
"$GPGSV":[14, parse_gpgsv],
"$GPGLL":[8, parse_gpgll],
def chksum(inp): # message checksum verification
if not inp.startswith("$"): return False
if not inp[-3:].startswith("*"): return False
payload = inp[1:-3]
checksum = 0
for i in xrange(len(payload)):
checksum = checksum ^ ord(payload[i])
return ("%02X" % checksum) == inp[-2:]
def parse_nmea(parts):
if len(parts) <= 0: return
id = parts[0].upper()
if id in messages:
if len(parts) < messages[id][0]:
parts.extend(["" for e in range(messages[id][0]-len(parts))])
else:"Unknown GPS data: "+parts)
if __name__ == "__main__":
logging.basicConfig(filename='nmea.log',level=logging.DEBUG,format="%(asctime)s [%(levelname)s] %(message)s")
ser = serial.Serial(port, baud)
while True:
line = ser.readline()
line = line.strip()"Received: " + line)
if not chksum(line):
logging.error("INVALID checksum: "+line)
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