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task calculate_per_location_costs: :environment do
year = ENV['YEAR'].to_i
month = ENV['MONTH'].to_i
# Method 1: By server usage
# Get all servers that were created in the given month
servers_by_location = Server.with_deleted
.where('extract(year from created_at) = ?', year)
.where('extract(month from created_at) = ?', month)
servers_by_location.each do |location|
provider = location[0]
servers = location[1]
provider_total_costs = 0
servers.each do |server|
# Only calculate the amount of time the server existed in the given month
end_time = server.deleted_at ||, month).end_of_month.to_time
hours = (end_time - server.created_at) / 3600
# Calculate how much the server cost for the given month
cost_for_month = server.generate_invoice_item(hours)[:net_cost]
# Add to the providers total costs for this month
provider_total_costs += cost_for_month
puts "#{provider}: #{Invoice.pretty_total provider_total_costs}"
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