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How to save pandas dataframe to MySQL with INSERT IGNORE
This example is for inside the class.
First establish the connection into `self.conn`
def _table_column_names(self, table: str) -> str:
Get column names from database table
table : str
name of the table
names of columns as a string so we can interpolate into the SQL queries
query = f"SELECT column_name FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name = '{table}'"
rows = self.conn.execute(query)
dirty_names = [i[0] for i in rows]
clean_names = '`' + '`, `'.join(map(str, dirty_names)) + '`'
return clean_names
def _insert_conflict_ignore(self, df: pd.DataFrame, table: str, index: bool):
Saves dataframe to the MySQL database with 'INSERT IGNORE' query.
First it uses pandas.to_sql to save to temporary table.
After that it uses SQL to transfer the data to destination table, matching the columns.
Destination table needs to exist already.
Final step is deleting the temporary table.
df : pd.DataFrame
dataframe to save
table : str
destination table name
# generate random table name for concurrent writing
temp_table = ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_letters) for i in range(10))
df.to_sql(temp_table, self.conn, index=index)
columns = self._table_column_names(table=temp_table)
insert_query = f'INSERT IGNORE INTO {table}({columns}) SELECT {columns} FROM `{temp_table}`'
except Exception as e:
# drop temp table
drop_query = f'DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `{temp_table}`'
def save_dataframe(self, df: pd.DataFrame, table: str):
Save dataframe to the database.
Index is saved if it has name. If it's None it will not be saved.
It implements INSERT IGNORE when inserting rows into the MySQL table.
Table needs to exist before.
df {pd.DataFrame} -- dataframe to save
table {str} -- name of the db table
if is None:
save_index = False
save_index = True
self._insert_conflict_ignore(df=df, table=table, index=save_index)
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