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Created October 15, 2020 20:21
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ES6 exports / imports cheat sheet
// default exports
export default 42;
export default {};
export default [];
export default (1 + 2);
export default foo;
export default function () {}
export default class {}
export default function foo () {}
export default class foo {}

// variables exports
export var foo = 1;
export var foo = function () {};
export var bar;
export let foo = 2;
export let bar;
export const foo = 3;
export function foo () {}
export class foo {}

// named exports
export {};
export {foo};
export {foo, bar};
export {foo as bar};
export {foo as default};
export {foo as default, bar};

// exports from
export * from "foo";
export {} from "foo";
export {foo} from "foo";
export {foo, bar} from "foo";
export {foo as bar} from "foo";
export {foo as default} from "foo";
export {foo as default, bar} from "foo";
export {default} from "foo";
export {default as foo} from "foo";
Import Syntax

// default imports
import foo from "foo";
import {default as foo} from "foo";

// named imports
import {} from "foo";
import {bar} from "foo";
import {bar, baz} from "foo";
import {bar as baz} from "foo";
import {bar as baz, xyz} from "foo";

// glob imports
import * as foo from "foo";

// mixing imports
import foo, {baz as xyz} from "foo";
import foo, * as bar from "foo";

// just import
import "foo";
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