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Maintainer driven issues.

Hi there - we’re trying out something new on this repository. We’re calling it “maintainer driven” issues & pull requests.

What does this mean for you?

In general: Please do not open issues or pull requests on this repository.

Instead, we’d encourage you to instead talk through any issues or suggestions in the chat room, or on the discussion group. If the maintainance team would like to escalate a discussion into an issue then we may do so, or ask you to do so.

If you've talked through something and have been recommended to escalate it, or if there's a very clearly well identified bug or documentation typo that you're resolving then please go ahead, and open an issue or pull request. 😎

Why we are taking this approach.

Like any team, we work best when we’re given quiet focused spaces, and have a clear sense of the project we’re working towards.

Having our issue trackers be contributor driven, rather than maintainer driven, can introduce a lot of extra diversion and churn. It is more organic, but can also be less focused.

Taking issues and suggestions to the discussion group, will help allow us to have a more consistent voice in setting the direction and priorities of the project. Over time the issue tracker should more clearly reflect what we feel is important, and pull requests should tend to better reflect active ongoing work.

It’ll also help reduce stress and burnout, particularly important during these difficult times, by ensuring that the project maintainers are able to keep issue trackers nicely limited in scope.

For more background on our approach you might also want to check out the article “sustainable open source management” which presents some similar themes.

With thanks. 💛


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@anujism anujism commented Mar 26, 2020

It makes sense for issues but I don't know how will it for PRs.


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@tomchristie tomchristie commented Mar 26, 2020

I've tried to loosen up the language a little to make that more clear.

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