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tomekc / CoronaSDK-Snippets.lua
Created Dec 3, 2015
Handy Corona SDK snippets for games
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-- Disable pixel smoothing
display.setDefault( "magTextureFilter", "nearest" )
-- Physics debugging: place in scene file in global scope
physics.setDrawMode( "hybrid" )
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//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play
// 1. Create new iOS playground
// 2. Paste this code
// 3. Enable timeline slider (on Utilities panel, alt+cmd+0 to show)
// 4. After letting the animation play, move the slider :)
import UIKit
import XCPlayground
tomekc / AppDelegate.swift
Created Jan 9, 2015
CoreData snippet to add to existing project
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// MARK: - Core Data stack
lazy var applicationDocumentsDirectory: NSURL = {
// The directory the application uses to store the Core Data store file. This code uses a directory named "net.japko.EmptyCoreDataSwiftProject" in the application's documents Application Support directory.
let urls = NSFileManager.defaultManager().URLsForDirectory(.DocumentDirectory, inDomains: .UserDomainMask)
return urls[urls.count-1] as NSURL
lazy var managedObjectModel: NSManagedObjectModel = {
// The managed object model for the application. This property is not optional. It is a fatal error for the application not to be able to find and load its model.
tomekc / SwiftNinja2.swift
Created Aug 5, 2014
Solution to Ray Wenderlich's Swift Ninja challenge
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// Solution to ultimate Swift Nija challenge
enum Suit {
case Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades
enum Rank {
case Jack, Queen, King, Ace
case Num(Int)
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<style type="text/css">
* {
tomekc / Optional+getOrElse.swift
Last active Oct 28, 2016
Add .getOrElse() method to Swift's Optional<T>, to unwrap value with fallback to default value. Idea borrowed from Scala language.
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// An extension to Optional type:
// getOrElse() will return optional's value if exists, otherwise the default value provided as argument will be returned.
// Note: Since Xcode6 beta 5, you can use '??' operator.
// (c) Tomek Cejner 2014
// @tomekcejner
extension Optional {
func getOrElse(val:T) -> T {
if self != nil {
View composer_scene.lua
local composer = require( "composer" )
local scene = composer.newScene()
-- include Corona's "physics" library
local physics = require "physics"
function scene:create( event )
-- Called when the scene's view does not exist.
-- INSERT code here to initialize the scene
View objects_in_lua.lua
-- Table based object with method
function newPerson(name)
local M = {
name = name,
age = 0,
M.greet = function (self)
print ("This is " .. .. ", I am " .. self.age)
tomekc / bmf.lua
Last active Jan 1, 2016
Bitmap font support in Corona SDK, compatible with Graphics 2.0
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module( ..., package.seeall )
-- AngelCode bitmap font support
-- Updated for Graphics 2.0
-- Download sprite module from
local sprite = require( "sprite" )
-- Specify an Angelcode format bitmap font definition file (".FNT")
-- The spritesheet(s) that this file references need to be located in the resource directory.
tomekc / Game.h
Created Dec 13, 2013
Sparrow Framework 2.0 boilerplate
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#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <Sparrow-Framework/Sparrow.h>
@interface Game : SPSprite