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<section class='title'>
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<ul class='tags'><li>function</li><li>static</li></ul>
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<span class='module'>can/control.js</span>
<span class='inherits'>inherits: <a>can.Construct</a></span>
<section class='description'>
<p>Helps create organized, memory-leak free, rapidly performing, stateful controls. Use it to create UI controls like tabs, grids, and context menus, and organize them into higher-order business rules with can.route. It can serve as both a traditional view and a traditional controller.</p>
<ul class='contents'>
<li><a>new can.Control()</a></li>
<li><a>new can.Control(monkey)</a></li>
<section class='signature'>
<h2>new can.Control(element, options) -> Object <span>since 1.0.2</span></h2>
<p>Constructor functions made with can.Construct are used to create objects with shared properties. It’s used by both can.Control and can.Model.</p>
<div class='parameters'>
<div class='parameter'>
<div class='description'><p> the element for the control to be </p></div>
<ol class='options'>
<li class='option'>
<h5>monkey <code class='type'>{String | Object }</code></h5>
<section class='comment'>
<h2>Creating a control</h2>
<p>Blah Blah</p>
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