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Last active Sep 14, 2020
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Homebrew Cask for installing pCloud on a Mac

Installing pCloud with Homebrew Cask

Since this recipe was rejected because of the volatile nature of pCloud links (see homebrew-cask#57634) I try to maintain this myself because it is useful to me and might be for others.

  • Download pcloud-drive.rb.
  • Run brew cask install pcloud-drive.rb.

To uninstall run brew cask uninstall pcloud-drive.rb.

cask 'pcloud-drive' do
version '3.7.9'
sha256 '0f251933096e44cdcc15334d6d27fec347dad5d66134f1dc93e21a152a2a163c'
url do
require 'net/http'
require 'json'
api = ''
code = 'XZNF4C7Zrqw256sL45jrAn7RhtDVnkKAlOw7'
uri = URI(api + 'getpublinkdownload?code=' + code)
response = Net::HTTP.get(uri)
data = JSON.parse(response)
data['hosts'][0] + data['path']
name 'pCloud Drive'
homepage ''
depends_on cask: 'osxfuse'
pkg 'pCloud Drive 3.7.9.pkg'
uninstall quit: 'com.pcloud.pcloud.macos',
pkgutil: 'com.mobileinno.pkg.pCloudDrive'

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@p-vernaeckt p-vernaeckt commented Sep 14, 2020

To retrieve the API code:

apicode=$(curl -s\?download\=mac | grep "'Mac':" | sed "s/[ ,:']*//g;s/Mac//g" | tr -d '\t')

I use it in my script. It's a full-zsh script (no python nor anything else), and with a bit of sed, tr, grep and curl it retrieves the latest version of pCloud and installs it. Not as easy as a Cask though ^^

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