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Author: Tom Kuijsten
Summary: This script can be used to trigger builds in TFS. The only parameter needed is a
comma seperated list of build definitions $BuildsToTrigger.
To trigger the build the REST api of TFS is used. There is one parameter which is passed when
invoking the REST request to trigger the build. This parameter is the <sourceBranch> which should
be set, otherwise my complete source repository is fetched. You might want to add more parameters
depending on your needs.
Note: The user running this script is used to call the REST api and should have enough priviledges
to trigger a build and fetch build information.
$tfsProjectUrl = 'http://<yourserver>/tfs/DefaultCollection/<yourproject>'
function TriggerBuilds()
$definitionsToBuild = GetDefinitionsToTrigger
if($definitionsToBuild.length -eq 0)
Write-Host "##vso[task.logissue type=warning;]There were no builds to trigger."
TriggerBuildsUsingTFS -definitionsToBuild $definitionsToBuild
function GetBuildDefinitions()
$defApiUrl = "$tfsProjectUrl/_apis/build/definitions/"
$buildDefinitionsFromTFS = Invoke-RestMethod $defApiUrl -UseDefaultCredentials
return $buildDefinitionsFromTFS
function GetDefinitionsToTrigger()
$buildNamesToTrigger = $BuildsToTrigger.Split(',') | % { $_.Trim() }
$allDefinitions = GetBuildDefinitions
$definitionsToBuild = @()
foreach($def in $allDefinitions.value)
if($buildNamesToTrigger -icontains $
$definitionsToBuild += $def
return $definitionsToBuild
function GetDefaultBranch($buildDefinition)
$definitionDetails = Invoke-RestMethod $def.url -UseDefaultCredentials
$defaultBranch = $definitionDetails.repository.defaultBranch
return $defaultBranch
function GetJsonPostData($buildId, $defaultBranch)
$definitionIdData = @{'definition'= @{'id'= $buildId}; 'sourceBranch'=$defaultBranch} | ConvertTo-Json
return $definitionIdData
function TriggerBuildsUsingTFS($definitionsToBuild)
foreach($def in $definitionsToBuild)
$buildName = $
$buildId = $
$defaultBranch = GetDefaultBranch -buildDefinition $def
Write-Host "Found build to start $buildName (id=$buildId) on branch $defaultBranch"
Write-Host "Triggering build through REST api..."
$definitionIdData = GetJsonPostData -buildId $buildId -defaultBranch $defaultBranch
$startBuildUrl = "$tfsProjectUrl/_apis/build/builds?api-version=2.0"
$result = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $startBuildUrl -Method Post -Body $definitionIdData -UseDefaultCredentials -ContentType application/json -UseBasicParsing
$invokeSucceeded = $result.StatusCode -eq 200
Write-Host "... build triggered successfully."
Write-Host "##vso[task.logissue type=warning;]... buid triggered failed."
Write-Host "##vso[task.logissue type=error;]Error occured when triggering build"
Write-Host "##vso[task.logissue type=error;]$_"
#make sure something actually happens
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