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// This is all pseudo code, never tested, just to give a quick idea of a delegate
// Just like you use the "class" keyword to define the characteristic of an object, you can use
// "delegate" to define the characteristic of a method.
public delegate void PerformDatabaseAction(SqlConnection sqlConn);
public static class DatabaseHelpers
public static void DoDatabaseAction(PerformDatabaseAction theDbAction)
var sqlConnection = new SqlConnection("somesqlconnectionstring");
public class ChargePointDataRetriever
private List<ChargePoint> _data;
private void GetData(SqlConnection conn)
var result = conn.ExecuteQuery("SELECT * FROM ChargePoint");
_data = result.ToArray();
public void Start()
// The parameter of the function is the PerformDatabaseAction delegate. Because the GetData method above matches the signature of
// the delegate (void as return and SqlConnection as param), we can just pass the method as parameter.
PerformDatabaseAction theDbAction = GetData;
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