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A form with every HTML form element (up to HTML5) for styling.
<form action="/">
<legend>A Sample Form Legend</legend>
<label for="name">Name: </label>
<input type="text" value="Name" name="Name" />
<label for="email">Email: </label>
<input type="email" value="Email" name="Email" />
<label>Button: </label>
<input type="button" value="Button" name="button" />
<label>Single Checkbox:
<input type="checkbox" value="checkbox1" name="button" /></label>
<legend>Group of Checkboxes: </legend>
<label>Checkbox 1:
<input type="checkbox" value="checkbox1" name="checkgroup[]" /></label>
<label>Checkbox 2:
<input type="checkbox" value="checkbox2" name="checkgroup[]" /></label>
<label>Checkbox 3:
<input type="checkbox" value="checkbox3" name="checkgroup[]" /></label>
<label>Checkbox 4:
<input type="checkbox" value="checkbox4" name="checkgroup[]" /></label>
<label>Color: </label>
<input type="color" value="color" name="color" />
<label>Date: </label>
<input type="date" value="date" name="date" />
<label>Date, Time (Local): </label>
<input type="datetime-local" value="datetime" name="datetime" />
<label>File: </label>
<input type="file" value="file" name="file" />
<input type="hidden" value="hidden" name="hidden" />
<label>Image: </label>
<input type="image" value="image" name="image" />
<label>Month: </label>
<input type="month" value="month" name="month" />
<label>Number: </label>
<input type="number" value="number" name="number" />
<label>Password: </label>
<input type="password" value="password" name="password" />
<label>Single Radio:
<input type="radio" value="radio" name="radio" /></label>
<legend>Group of Radios: </legend>
<label>Radio 1:
<input type="radio" value="radio1" name="radiogroup" /></label>
<label>Radio 2:
<input type="radio" value="radio2" name="radiogroup" /></label>
<label>Radio 3:
<input type="radio" value="radio3" name="radiogroup" /></label>
<label>Radio 4:
<input type="radio" value="radio4" name="radiogroup" /></label>
<label>Range: </label>
<input type="range" value="range" name="range" />
<label>Reset: </label>
<input type="reset" value="reset" name="reset" />
<label>Time: </label>
<input type="time" value="time" name="time" />
<label>Search: </label>
<input type="search" value="search" name="search" />
<label>Tel: </label>
<input type="tel" value="tel" name="tel" />
<label>Text: </label>
<input type="text" value="text" name="text" />
<label>URL: </label>
<input type="url" value="url" name="url" />
<label>Week: </label>
<input type="week" value="week" name="week" />
<button>This is a button!</button>
<label>Select 1: </label>
<select name="select" size="1">
<label>Select 2: </label>
<select name="select1" size="3">
<label>Select Multiple: </label>
<select name="select2" size="3" multiple>
<label>Select Groups: </label>
<select name="select3" size="1" multiple>
<optgroup label="First Group">
<optgroup label="Second Group">
<optgroup label="Third Group">
<legend>Datalist: </legend>
<input type="text" name="datalist" list="samplelist">
<datalist id="samplelist">
<option>Something else</option>
<option>Another thing</option>
<label>A textarea!</label>
<textarea name="textarea">A paragraph in here</textarea>
<label>Progress (very unsupported): </label>
<progress value="20" max="100"></progress>
<label>Meter (very unsupported): </label>
<meter min="0" value="20" max="100" low="10" high="90" optimum="80">20 in the meter</meter>
<input type="submit" value="GO" />
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