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[WordPress] Unit Testing with Pressmatic

Unit Testing with Pressmatic

  • Updated 2 August 2016

Installing Composer on Pressmatic

  1. SSH into the Pressmatic box
  2. $ apt-get update
  3. $ apt-get install curl php5-cli git
  4. $ curl -sS | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer

Installing PHPUnit with Composer

  1. $ composer global require "phpunit/phpunit=4.8.*”
  2. $ export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.composer/vendor/bin"

Setting Up Plugin Unit Tests

1. Generate the Plugin Test Files

$ wp scaffold plugin-tests acme-plugin

2. Initialize the Environment Locally

$ cd $(wp plugin path acme-plugin --dir) $ bash bin/ wordpress_test root root localhost latest

3. Run the Plugin Tests

$ phpunit

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