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[JavaScript] Returns an array of all of the names of a Trello boards members.
* Retrieves a list of all of the members on a Trello board and stores and
* returns their names in an array. It will not include any duplicates.
* Trello names are usually represented as "Elliot Alderson (mrrobot)" but the
* returned array will only return an array with their actual name (that is,
* Ellio Alderson).
* This does not require jQuery or any third-party library to run. If you want
* to run this from the console of Chrome, then paste this entire function into
* your console, then execute the following line of code:
* - var names = get_trello_names();
* This will give you an array of all of the names that exist on your board.
* @return array names An array of all of the names of a Trello boards members.
var get_trello_names = function() {
var members = [],
names = [],
name = '',
i, l;
// Get the members as an HTMLCollection and convert it to an array.
members = document.getElementsByClassName( 'member-avatar' );
members = [] members );
/* Iterate through all of the members and all the name (without parentheses)
* to the array of members (adding unique names only).
for ( i = 0, l = members.length; i < l; i++ ) {
name = members[ i ];
name = name.getAttribute( 'title' ).toString();
name = name.replace( /\(([^)]+)\)/, '' ).trim();
if ( -1 === names.indexOf( name ) ) {
names.push( name );
return names;
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