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Created June 7, 2018 13:43
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[WordPress] Adding a Body Class Based on a Template
add_filter('body_class', 'acme_add_body_class');
* If the current page has a template, apply it's name to the list of classes. This is
* necessary if there are multiple pages with the same template and you want to apply the
* name of the template to the class of the body.
* @param array $classes The current array of attributes to be applied to the
function acme_add_body_class($classes)
if (!empty(get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), '_wp_page_template', true))) {
// Remove the `template-` prefix and get the name of the template without the file extension.
$templateName = basename(get_page_template_slug(get_the_ID()));
$templateName = str_ireplace('template-', '', basename(get_page_template_slug(get_the_ID()), '.php'));
$classes[] = $templateName;
return array_filter($classes);
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