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Created September 11, 2019 18:32
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const copyUrlToClipboard = (inputHTMLElement) => {
// the actual, to be copied url
const copyUrl = window.location.href
// the pretty url to display (without schema)
// this should be the default value of the input on instantiation
const displayUrl = + window.location.pathname
// just prior to copying, temporarily change the input value to the
// to be copied url
inputHTMLElement.value = copyUrl
// select the input value
// Required for iOS
// See also
inputHTMLElement.setSelectionRange(0, inputHTMLElement.value.length)
// Copy input value
try {
if (!document.execCommand('copy')) {
throw new Error(`failed to execute copy command`)
catch (e) {
console.log('Warning! Could not copy to clipboard.', e)
// Restore the pretty display url
inputHTMLElement.value = displayUrl
// Deselect the input
inputHTMLElement.setSelectionRange(0, 0)
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Nice Code! It's working fine

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