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Yay. Crazy people. Someone posted this as feedback to the Mitt Romney article
on Wikipedia...
Mitt Romney has a strong genetic evolution from Pure Hispanic Roots. There are
many Romney relative living in Mexico, many appear to be caucasian, speak
perfect English but there are many more who are basically Hispanic. Some have
acquired American Citizenship recently. Mitt Romney is very sensitive about his
Hispanic genetics and Hispanic looks and has never gone to Mexico because of
this relationship. The sensitivity toward his Hispanic roots and the prevaling
"Illegal Immigration" problem in America for the last 30 years and more recently
the last ten years has caused him to stay clear of any recognition of or
association with his Mexican roots. The Democrats are preparing a major assault
on his perceived association and disassociation with his Hispanic Birth Rights
and the Immigration Activists in the Independant and Right Wing Conservative
voting blocks. President Obama will be proud to acknowledge his Black and White
Heritage in the 2012 Campaign.
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