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Statistics from a private web app I manage used at the offices
of a large, multinational company in the City of London (London's
financial district).
Traffic was broadly the same, as was operating system usage.
Windows usage has been consistently in the 85-90% range, with
the rest being primarily iPhone - and one or two Mac users (both
me as a developer and admin and a few users who have Macs at home)
April 25 2009 - May 26 2009
Firefox = 14.3%
Internet Explorer = 72.9%
Of the IE users:
IE6 = 42.08%
IE7 = 56.56%
IE8 = 1.37%
March 27 2010 - April 26 2010
Firefox = 61.4%
Internet Explorer = 29.5%
Of the IE users:
IE6 = 2.3%
IE7 = 81.61%
IE8 = 16.09%
Also, the primary mobile browser is iPhone Safari.
As a percentage of the total, IE6 is now only 0.6%
Another good thing: our users are getting more familiar with
their iPhones. Last year, they viewed on average 2 pages per
session on their iPhone with an average session length of
2m47s. This is now 7.2 pages and the average session time is
about 8 minutes. The site has a little bit of custom styling
for the iPhone - we've set a viewport and made a few of the
tables contain a bit less detail - but there has been nothing
major to optimize the site for mobile use.
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